King Tut (tutankhamen) wrote,
King Tut

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My good for nothing wife has done nothing but frolick with The Lord of the Underworld ever since she got here. Well thanks a billion, hun.

Danged arranged marriages.
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Sorry you are so unahppy : (

Hope things get better for you soon........

Oceans of love and healing rays...

Thanks. If I get out of this dump anytime soon, I'll appoint you official priestess of my kingdom!
( ( ( Tut ) ) ) )

My how sweet of you =)

i've always wanted to an official priestess of a kingdom... =)
(Ok, not really, i don't have the piresthood call !!) But of a kingdom i would gladly learn!!

By the way, Tut is my favorite ! : )
but didn't she marry ay after you died? so she's not really your wife, but your widow? and besides, ankhesenamen was your half-sister, dude!